SQ ticketing time for manage my booking function to work

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How long does SQ normally take to recognise a credit card payment as I have paid and TA has issued the e tkts but the website through manage my booking still shows the sectors as RESERVED rather than CONFIRMED and I cannot access features such as select seat and using KF for upgrades


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I’ve previously had a similar issue with a QF ticket where the booking went through but then it never got confirmed properly so I couldn’t book seats etc. After initially appearing on my credit card something hung at the back end so Qantas didn’t process the payment properly (I didn’t get charged) so I had to phone up and get them to process the payment again over the phone. I’d suggest not waiting too long (ie max a day) and calling your credit card company first to see if they are slowing things up (eg is it an large or unusual amount?) followed by phoning the airline to make sure it’s all good at their end. I know I was dealing with QF but figure a similar path of action to mine might still be useful here

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I'm my experience, usually it is instant or really quick. Although occasionally there can be a glitch with overseas based cards. I had zero issues when I lived in Singapore and had a Singapore based credit card. But I have noticed now with an Aussie based card, it can sometimes take longer. In one instance, the online booking system would not take my card at all. SQ said it was the bank, the bank said it was Visa etc. So SQ took the payment manually.

But not more than 24 hours if it is confirmed and paid for.


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It should be instant as the website pulls from their reservation system. I just paid for flights via my corporate TA and they appeared pretty much straight away on the singaporeair.com Manage Booking section.


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I've had varying response times. Most recently, I could use the e-ticket number to log into KrisFlyer, however, could not select meals, nor seats. This worked a couple of days later.

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