Is there a benefit to QFF Silver?

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If you're dragging a snowboard/skis or bike or other heavy items around with you, the 42kg baggage allowance on Silver is pretty amazing and can save lots of $$ in excess baggage.

Andrew Barkery

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I do sincerely apologise... JJJJJJJ.


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Biggest one for me is greater award flight availability.

Chris Chamberlin

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Silver being Oneworld Ruby unlocks some unexpected perks around the alliance - for example, priority boarding and a free checked baggage allowance with American Airlines, including on fares with no checked baggage included.

BA and Malaysia Airlines also do priority boarding for Ruby, so while Qantas doesn't do too much when you fly when them, when you travel further abroad there are some respectable perks along the way. :)


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Priority check in across Oneworld airlines is definitely worth having when travelling economy. I’ve had a lot of luck with operational upgrades to business on CX as a lifetime silver QFFF, albeit from a PE ticket. That’s about it.

It’s worth having, but not if it involves much additional expenditure.


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Consider QF silver as part of the pathway to gold, platinum and further. Sitting here a little jaded after several weeks of travel and several more to go before a break from flying. The upside is the little 'perks' that accrue as you 'stack and pack' the hours at the back of the bus...


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Take it as a stepping stone up to QF SG, that's all I see it as, or towards LSC (lifetime status credits).
Doesn't guarantee a lot, really.
Doesn't give a discount towards QP either, unlike VFF where as a VA PS, you can get discounted the lounge membership (good for VA domestic flights, if you do a lot of that).
For QF PS, you still pay full QP annual renewal, even as QF PS, bah humbug.
I will let myself fall to QF NR, and buy the seat next to me as empty for myself, and keep QP, ta QF.
Sorry for the moan.
Au to NZ in discJ return will get you QF PS, but, what do you get for that??? Really? 1 visit to the QP???
If you take it as a stepping stone to QF SG/WP/P1, yes, its a good thing, but if you don't fly a ton of times a year, QF PS, nak.

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