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Hi folks

I am travelling to Hong Kong for a work conference but have decided to spend a few days prior to it in Taiwan. The flight to HKG is QF29 arriving at 5.20PM and I plan to catch the next available flight to Taipei that evening. Unfortunately as it is a work trip I can't get the Taiwan side-trip on the same ticket, so I won't be able to transit airside. There is an EVA flight departing HKG at 7.35PM. It appears that both Qantas and EVA operate out of terminal 1.

In all of your opinions, is two hours a realistic amount of time to go through immigration control, pick up bags and check-in for the EVA flight?

Thanks in advance.



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I think it wil be a bit tight.

HKG is quite crowded around 3-6pm every day and if your flight is late, then there's a risk that you might be late for your EVA flight.
Even you can arrive on time, you might need to have priority luggage because waiting time for bags is long at HKG.
To be safe, why don't catch China Airlines, a codeshare partner of Qantas and see if you can check your bags thru?


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Two hours is a bit tighter than ideal for going through immigration, collecting your bags and going back up through checking again – especially when the immigration queues can be killers. It's do-able, but I think you won't enjoy the transit at all because your mind will be on the clock. Is it possible you can travel with carry-on bags only? If so, at least that'll shave some time off the process as the EVA desk at the main E or W transit areas should be able to issue you a boarding pass.


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Qantas only codeshare with China Airlines on flights to/from Aus. You would be better off booking a Cathay Flight and hope the check in agent on the day is having a good day and through checks your luggage as Cathay and Qf are both part of the Oneworld alliance.


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You may wish to look at when check-in closes for your next flight. I got caught by 2 minutes on a 2.5 hour turn-around in JFK last year because the flight was 30m late and check-in closed an hour before. That only left 60 minutes. I had to wait 24 hours for another flight.


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Thanks for the replies. I think I'll try for a more realistic CX flight and hope I can get checked through.


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Agree that 2 and a bit hours is quite tight. I have been late into Hong Kong on a number of occasions due to the airport being being so busy. Cathay seems to get in quicker than Qantas from my experience but 30 minutes late seems to be the norm for me and on a couple of occasions I have been taken by Cathay staff through security and to my next flight. A few weeks back we came straight in but due to a medical emergency on the flight had to wait on board for at least 30 minutes before we were allowed to disembark.
In short, allow at least 3 hours for a comfortable transfer to a different airline.

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