Any way to upgrade discount economy to business?

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I've purchased discounted economy tix Sydney to Honolulu (Qantas) which are not eligible for a points upgrade, so can't request this online. Does anyone know if there is any other way to purchase an upgrade using points? I am a platinum FF, if that makes a difference.


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Probably not.

Your best option might be calling them and asking to pay the difference between your ticket, and the J ticket.

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Occasionally Qantas runs promotions for this, but I haven't seen one in quite a while. You may be able to bid for an upgrade if that option presents itself, but otherwise you'd have to change your fare to an upgradeable fare type, which is probably going to cost hundreds, and from there, you may or may not get your upgrade.

Perhaps one of those times where paying for an exit row seat for a little extra comfort and saving your points for another day is in order!


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You might be able to do it by cancelling the original flights, rebooking into a points upgradable fare and then reissuing the original tickets by paying the change fee and additional airfare collection. You'd retain the same penalties of the original fare but I think would be allowed to apply to upgrade. But you'd need to check with your agent or the airline to be sure.


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It's easy to remember what economy flights you can upgrade from.

Just use the following mnemonic: Not On Qantas Ever. The first letter of each word helps you remember.

This means you can't upgrade economy tickets booked in N class, O class, Q class or E class.

So when next booking a Qantas economy ticket, check the fare class, and don't book in N, O, Q or E if you want to do a points upgrade.

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