• You all seem to be going to the CX lounge. Why not the PAGSS Lounge that QF is suggesting? Why is nobody giving that one a try? It's obviously very new and therefore might be pretty good.

  • Thanks for that info, ChrisCh

  • I asked the same question of QF and they wouldn't answer. Said I had to contact CX. So much for the seamless partnership Oneworld brags about.

  • Any updates on this? QF are now operating to T3 but can't see anything online to indicate a new PAGSS lounge has opened and the QF website still says the Manila Lounge in T1 is used. I'm flying SYD/MNL in J in a few weeks and would like to know what my options are. Will a QF J ticket get me into ...

  • If the combination of info from Aerodude and myself is correct then it sounds like we'll depart from T3 but use the lounge in T1 and get taxis to and fro, which I would not regard as an improvement.

  • A little surprised as I see references to Y and J in many other posts, and presume that business travellers would know these two codes, but fair enough I guess.

  • My wife and I are doing eight hours in the QF A330-200 with its pretty ordinary single loo for 28 business class pax. Is there anything that would impede a business passenger from going back and using an economy loo, if our one business loo had a queue? I've read that Qantas rarely stops people c...

  • Aircraft swap and downgrade ADL-PER

    Jul 17, 2018, 01:56 PM

    They only use the 717 ADL-PER twice a week (Fri & Sun) but surprised they use an Economy only 717 on a 3 1/2hr flight, particularly as a 1720hrs flight must be a very popular business flight. I like the 717 and the ones with J class are comfortable.

  • You might be able to do it by cancelling the original flights, rebooking into a points upgradable fare and then reissuing the original tickets by paying the change fee and additional airfare collection. You'd retain the same penalties of the original fare but I think would be allowed to apply to ...

  • Two hours is the min connecting time at LAX so your 3 1/2 hrs should be easy.