Qantas and One World becoming a joke

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Qantas have just reduced Life time Club membership to 50 years. We bought our children Life club on their 18th birthdays and suddenly there is an expiry date. That means they are akready a qurter thru their memberships. When they turn 68 it expires. Very sneaky and underhanded.

As a result of this thread, just checked mine after last site update and my "expire date" is near my 152nd birthday.

I suspect a system generated random date that needs to be fixed sometime.

As there has been no Qantas announcement, or verification by calling them, all conjecture at this stage.

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You can buy lifetime membership? How much that cost?


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Yes, Oneworld is a farce that might do a few good things for the airlines but does almost nothing for passengers. In the days before alliances we had interline agreements and fares that allowed you to mix and match any airlines that had such an agreement and you were only limited by the mileage allowance on that route. Now we have a world of codeshares that don't really work and partners that aren't even combinable. Try flying to Hong Kong and back, oneway on QF and the other on CX. Both members of Oneworld that supposedly offers seamless travel between partners but apparently the partnership only occurs if they're not competing on a route.

You do realise, if Cathay and Qantas could co-operate in the manner you describe (metal neutral), in a market where there is minimal competition, the likely outcome is increased airfares. Not to mention that getting it past the regulators is a hard sell.

Interline agreements still exist post alliances and often cross alliances. Alliances are a marketing tool... They do not mean other airlines in your alliance are now instantly your best buddy who you'd happily have your customers fly over your own airline.

Well if QF leveraged Cathay/Dragon's asian network from HKG (as well as JQ out of Singapore) then there would be more demand which should reduce fares. On the other hand, limited ability for new carriers to join the route mean that its hard for new competitors to commence to meet that demand and achieve lower costs.

In an ideal unconstrained world it would be great for QF/CX to have a closer alliance, but it doesn't work at the moment and CX is doing quite well by themselves it seems.


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I live regionally and OW works for me to most (all) places I want to go on the one booking, too easy really.

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