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Is anyone else finding Qantas flights slow to credit at the moment?

I currently have 4 Jetstar flights from last month outstanding, but i have read that they are taking a long time at the moment, but also multiple Qantas flights which normally credit within 24 hours are not showing a week later.


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I noticed this as well, about 4 weeks ago for a MEL-SYD and SYD-ADL, took about 3 days, with QF. Although the other week on MEL-OOL points and status credits went through instantly.


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Ive got a pair of 3K flights from last month that still haven’t credited.


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Yes, I have also had problems. I've had to chase up the last four flights I've taken with Jetstar Asia (with 3K flight numbers). My FF number was captured on both the booking and boarding pass but after 3 weeks the points still hadn't been credited. I then completed an online claim through the Qantas website and it took another 3 weeks for Qantas to process the claim. Not good enough as far as I'm concerned.


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Yep same waiting for JQ credits from June... need them for my Platinum status. Other QF credits slow at present too.


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No,, My wife and I just returned from PER-BNE-CNS and CNS-SYD-PER and the points and SC’s were in our accounts before we had even left the airport. These were also double SC’s flights and the extra SC’s were credited 2 days later.

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