Expiring Emirates points-what to do with them

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Hello all.

Just joined so haven't yet trawled through all the many comments.

I have some 50,000 EK points expiring end of this month.

Work committments will prevent me from flying anywhere with EK for some time, and even then I can't specify a date, so I'm reluctant to use points towards a flight I will inevitibly have to change.

Last time I looked at their high street shop-when previous points expired, the goods on offer weren't very attractive to me, and the freight cost seemed almost way beyond the value of the goods.

I used to enjoy flying EK, but always found their Admin left a lot to be desired, so I'm reluctant to approach them direct.

Any suggestions on how I can use these points?

Tks in advance

Andrew Barkery

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Where are you located?

Cash + miles, yes, poor utilisation of points, SYD - CHC one Sat, in J?
Come back with QF on Sun morning?
This leaves only part of a day in CHC, which I do get, maybe its not worth that much....
How about a Y fare with EK then, if flying J is too much?
According to the EK website, you can start utilisation with just 15,000 Skyward miles.


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you can pay to have them extended too

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