Travel suggestions for Helsinki

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I will add to the GLO's for value and pleasantly comfortable

The design area is a good please to stay, 5 min walk to the centre and plenty to do locally.
If you are a shopper be prepared that, despite reputation, Gertrude Street is just as good for design ;)
I think the Airport train is over rated, depending on your flight time, OK for "peak" (there isn't much peak...) but the bus seemed to work better. Also add in quite a bit of walking from the train, vs dropped at the door.
Buy some Salted Licorice
Somehow I had great Mexican in Helsinki too! (from Where chef's eat).Scandi Breakfasts are good, fill up.

Finnair Asian based crews (eg HKG) are not much chop, but the Finnish based ones (that service SIN) are good


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Many good suggestions on what to see and do.

I like the Fabian Hotel.


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We had an awesome meal at Ravintola Kuu in Helsinki last time.

An easy way to see the city is on the tram that does a large circle of the city basically - can't remember the tram number off the top of my head.

Definitely recommend checking out the National Library and the Rock Church - both great sites for a nice wander. And second the recommendation to go to the market hall down on the seaside for a yummy lunch!


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Definitely endorse the idea of a tram ride. Do the circle and you'll see many aspects of the city in a fairly short time. And possibly strike up a conversation with one or two locals.


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Many thanks to you all for your comments and experience. I do look forward to visiting this Nordic Country!

This is what I love about - honest, reliable and recent feedback freely shared among people who face the 'joy' of travel as a part of their work life!

Safe travels to you all!


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