How to spend a weekend in Hong Kong?

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Get up at sunrise and walk up the Peak Circle Walk. I have done this ... once. But worth it. Then you have a licence to stuff yourself silly at dim sum later on in the day.

I can strongly recommend the Peak Circle Walk, as it provides a wide range of surprising views over the surrounding area, depending on the mist. The walk also allows you to see some of the larger spectacular properties overlooking Kowloon.

You get your exercise starting from the Peak heading West working around the varying vistas and vegetation. I would suggest a relatively early start to avoid the crowds lining up to get upto the Peak. We also took a side track that allows you to over look the Southern side of Hong Kong Island. There is a walk from Aberdeen that joins up with the Peak Circle Walk. As as bonus, after your walking exercise you can relax and have a coffee at one of the Cafes at the Peak.


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And don't forget the floating Jumbo restaurants near Aberdeen..


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Hi there, I’ve got a spare weekend in Hong Kong in a few weeks due to work on either side. Any off the beaten track suggestions (food, activities etc)? Thanks!

Depends what you want to see and do. I lived in HKK for a number of years back in the 90s and it is till my favourite Asian city today. I am planning to have 1 day in HKK coming back from my next trip. I am using that to travel the MTR and go to the following places:

i. Diamond Hill MTR - Nan Lan Gardens/Chi Lin Nunnery)
ii. Wong Tai Sin MTR - (Oldest Taosit Monastery in HKK).
iii. Lok Fu MTR - go to Walled City Park (Famous Walled City back in the day).
iv. Mong KOK MTR - Ladies Market/Mong Kok Markets.
v. Tsim Tsa Tsui MTR - Harbour Area in Kowloon.

You can go to Lamma Island or Lantau Island. Lamma island has good seafood restaurants and has quaint villages. Lantau has the famous Buddha and Po Monastery (near the airport). You catch a Gondola to get there. That will fill in 1/2 day.


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I suggest The Feather Boa bar - its in a back street but most cabbies will know where to find it, cocktails served in huge glasses and the crowd mainly glam airline crew (out of uniform!) - I spent a wonderful evening there a few years ago !!! ENJOY HKG


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Thanks again everyone!

I’m there next weekend and am thinking lamma island one day and the walled city (plus whatever else I can fit around that day) the second.

Feather Boa Bar I think just made the list too :)


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Another option is to take the ferry to Macau for the day. Now, that's one strange place! Worth a visit though.

Used to be a great get away in the 80’s and 90’s but spoilt by the casinos. Still go and our to the third island, there used to be some iconic restaurants and vistas there. Alternatively head to Manila or Bangkok

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