Anyone ever use amex travel to book flight on Singapore Airlines?

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Hi all,

I've just used the amex travel credit to book flights on Singagpore Airline. But when I put the PNR on SQ website, the status says 'reserved' and the passenger is not ticketed yet. Anyone has this experience?

Brandon Loo

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AMEX doesn't automatically ticket the booking straight away. It might take a few hours up to a day.

In my case, it was actually a lifesaver because there was a huge mistake in the booking (wrong flight booked, sale economy ticket) and AMEX were able to cancel the reservation and re-book it without penalty because it hadn't been ticketed with Qantas yet.

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Yea, AMEX GBT always reserves seats and then "tickets" within 24 hours - you can call and ask for immediate ticketing - PNR is generated when reserved

Chris C.

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Also FYI, I find that when you enter a frequent flyer number on the AMEX website, it doesn't always transfer across to your final booking. It appears to be there when the reservation is created, but then when ticketing takes place it can sometimes drop off (ditto any seat assignments you'd made), so these days I always wait until there's a ticket number before checking and adjusting those parameters directly on an airline's website.


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Agree with all the above. I made a booking a couple weeks ago and it took 24hrs to show on the airlines site. Also Baggage allowance took 2-3 days

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