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I’m on a QF classic reward ticket next Tues arvo from Launceston through to Perth. Arrive 2:50pm and have 4 hr wait in MEL then I’m on a 6.55pm flight to Perth.

What do you think my chances are of getting a free change onto domestic seat on QF9 at 5:05pm so I can get back to Perth earlier? QF9 shows available for fares to purchase (Red e deal etc) for the sector but nothing in reward seat options....

What are my chances/best bet of trying to make it happen - call ahead of time or ask when checking in at LST?


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QF9 arrives Perth at 5:05 not departs Mel, it leaves Mel at 4:15, having said that i’ve never had much success changing to earlier flights on red edeal or rewards seats (other than when weather is an issue), no harm in asking though.

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Because the MEL - PER QF9 is an international flight, and you need the D sticker thing, this time round, I would not try it.

You have to go through outgoing immi procedures, with the international security screening.

Ideally, even if QF allows it, you won't make it.

If your LST flight arrived earlier, and you had bought a through ticket, it might work, but in your situation, logistically, you will have to run all the way from the QF end of MEL QF MEL pier A out all the way to T2, check in with your driving licence or passport or photo id, go through international screening, go thorough passport control, and then run to the lounge, if you have access, then run to the gate that QF9 will depart from.

14.50 to 16.15 is not really that long a time, considering its quite a walk or run from T1 to T2 what with all the checks and also having to stand in the check in queue.

Give it a try if you feel you must though.

Edit: just did a test booking, QF online booking will not link the flight OP is on, onto QF9.

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QF doesn't want domestic pax in 32" pitch economy - it would ruin their reputation!

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