Recommendations for checked luggage?

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Samsonite S’Cure. Great lightweight, tough, secure case. I’ve had mine for a few years now, it’s been in the tropics and -20c, on more flights than I care to count and it just keeps on going. Plus it rolls really really easily, far better than my wife’s fancy European ones.


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Got sick of the bag dilemma so purchased set of three light weight material bags and also got covers for them. Have had no trouble no broken wheels and bags look brand new. Bought designer one for family member first trip crack above the wheel happened on SQ can’t be repaired.


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I find Victorinox spectra to be very good given they have large Wheels which makes for great ease of movement no matter how heavy the case is



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On the soft sided ones I have lanchamp as both larger checked in, carry on and suitpack. All three have been great over many years and the pockets are great for easy access of needed ‘stuff’


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Soft sided are not recomended for a check in bag, so easy to break in airport luggage systems.

Similarly don't get a zip bag, they really can't take the pressure, however if you do use one never overpack it.
Inside a container they will burst easily.
Hard cover lockable Samsonites are cheaper than others and very reliable.


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Victorinox Spectra , its the big wheels that making movement very easy

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