Earning Qantas status credits on Emirates flights

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You don't have to steer clear of EK, just book flights with a QF flight number depending of course on where you need to go.
If there is/are no QF flights number on those EK metal, maybe then fly from DXB to DOH and take a QR flight, with QR in OW, you will earn QF SC, but as mentioned, at a lesser level than if you were flying on QF operated QF metal services.


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Just note - even with oneworld carriers, Qantas will give you fewer status credits than for comparable flights with a QF flight number. It’s not as bad as getting zero status credits when on an EK flight number, but the status credits on oneworld carriers (e.g. Cathay) can be significantly less. If you are chasing status credits, you need to buy flights with a QF flight number.


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You won't get status credits as you booked directly with them. I have given up travelling with EK code share. Much better to fly Red Tail directly. As a Gold Life member, you get better treatment with QF even if slightly longer flight time.


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Hello all. I have a couple of (hopefully helpful) things to add to the great responses above:

- Booking a QF coded flight on EK can also be done on many third-party (intermediary) apps/ sites and is not limited to the QF site and/ or travel agents. An example is Skyscanner which I often use in the initial planning stage to find QF coded flights on non-QF aircraft.
- A very handy way to map it all out and compare or contrast your options and subsequent status earnings is to use the QF website calculator which I am linking below. You can change airlines, routes, class of travel and your FF tier and then see the effects on both status credits and points that you would subsequently earn. It is a little bit non-intuitive on first use but play around and you'll see the benefits. See the calculator here: https://www.qantas.com/fflyer/do/dyns/initialPointsEarned- Lastly, a big word-up for these forums (and indeed AusBT) which are so helpful in learning how to maximising our benefits and ease the pain of long-distance travel!

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