Changes to Virgin fleet

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Stephen D

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F100 instead of a 738? Now that's just an insult.

Actually I quite like the F100. Had a flight from Adelaide to Alice and it was very comfortable. Sure no Business but could not complain about it at all.

F100 are a good day traveller provided row 1

Row 2 also has a decent amount of leg room.

Andrew Barkery

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Would I need earmuffs at row 19 on the F100?

Supposedly the 320 has a bit wider seats, granted no J class on them, ...
Really, if VA wanted to put the 320 into this route, they should have done it from a date down the track, say, 12 months notice, but oh, no, they decided to do a quickie.
If some muppet, er, traveller had booked a 737 with J/econX, and got the 320, it would be a pain in the bum to change flights, esp if econX, if J, the flyer could change flight with no fee, but econX on the 737, has more than on the 320.
Wish i knew before flying that first flight in the morning to PER, that it would be a 320, or I would have bought an xtra seat request.
Not looking forward to being squashed on that 320, (wider seats?)...


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I do wonder if the TT A320s are intended to be the F100 replacements? considering some of the A320s are still on lease, may as well transfer them to VA's regional arm on a 1 by 1 basis as old 738s are being moved to TT.

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