Rebooking after CX flight cancelled

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Does anyone know what airline obligations are when they cancel your ticket 3 weeks before departure?

CX has cancelled my Sydney-Europe outbound flight; but are only offering either an entire refund for the ticket (Sydney-Europe-Sydney) or to move to another day they're operating (basically nothing for January). I thought in pre-pandemic, airlines were obligated to offer to rebook you on another airline for the day you're trying to travel or does this only apply when the flight is cancelled at short notice?

Maybe completely wrong on this but thought should ask.


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Hi JA,

I had my ticket cancelled last month (TWICE!) by CX, and on the second cancellation, they offered me a flight on Singapore Airlines. The routing was terrible (so I opted for full cancellation), but the departure date for the new flight on Singapore Airlines was close to the original departure date. If you want to explore this, perhaps can call CX and check if this is doable? My interaction with CX call centre was quite pleasant thus far.


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I think you'd be safer getting a full refund at this point in time, than trying to move dates. I can't see CX lasting long if things keep going the way they are in HK...



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I was booked fully flex business YVR-HKG-MEL (my return leg) on 26 Jan. 2022.

First CX reduced flights ex YVR to 1 per week and rebooked me with a 4 day transit in HKG. The Pier lounge is nice for 4 hours but not for 4 days and has since been shut. ( If you exit immigration its 21 days in quarantine). Then CX cancelled all flights to Australia but still would not interline me. I could not even get a quote on cancellation after four days of interactions.

In fairness when I cancelled, the refund was prompt and fair.

Bottom line is CX is currently being screwed over by the CCP so my recommendation is cancel and run.


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I had booked flight from Sydney to New York departing 22 December , CX cancelled my flights one week prior without offer to transfer me to operational airlines . I was unable to fly They simply offered a refund which I received a week latter .

It is now untenable to book CX . The CCP are doing every possible to destroy the carrier and will continue unabated .

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