FIRST PICS: First Virgin Australia plane lands at Sydney Airport

By John Walton, May 4 2011
FIRST PICS: First Virgin Australia plane lands at Sydney Airport

Virgin Australia's first repainted aircraft have landed at Sydney Airport this morning, and Australian Business Traveller is there to bring you the very latest on the "New Virgin". Our full coverage is available through the links at the bottom of this story.

First to land was the Boeing 737-800 aircraft, spotted early this morning leaving Christchurch Airport in New Zealand after a repainting job, landed smoothly under sunny skies.

If you want to get a look inside the new 737-800, which features a very cool cabin design, check out our exclusive photo-tour!

A larger Airbus A330 aircraft, Virgin Australia's first with brand-new reclining business class seats, also landed at Sydney from Subang in Malaysia.

The arrival of the two aircraft is just the start of a full day of events to mark the change from Virgin Blue to Virgin Australia.

Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti and Virgin Group boss Sir Richard Branson will be speaking at a 10am press conference, which Australian Business Traveller will be covering live -- both here at and on Twitter: @AusBT.

Rumours of additional changes are spreading around Sydney Airport like wildfire, including some serious hints about changes to the new airline's loyalty programme, Velocity Rewards. 

In the meantime, here's a closeup shot of the new airline's surprisingly angled tail logo on the A330:

This is just part of Australian Business Traveller's comprehensive coverage of Virgin Australia's launch day:

For the very latest, check back at or follow us on Twitter: @AusBT.

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The new livery is actually quite disappointing... The planes look like hospital planes.. all a bit insipid....

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