Is Qantas gearing up for in-flight internet?

By David Flynn, June 14 2011
Is Qantas gearing up for in-flight internet?

In what could be the first signs of a dramatic leap forward for domestic business travel and competition in the market, Qantas is polling a select group of passengers on how they would typically use in-flight Internet – and how much they'd pay for the privilege.

Lifehacker Australia reveals that "a current Qantas survey sent to members of its customer experience panel asks for details of which devices are used on its flights, and which online services would be of most use onboard." Here's a screenshot from the online survey.

Perhaps more interesting is the follow-up question: "How much would you be willing to pay for connectivity services per domestic flight, regardless of flight time?"

As Lifehacker AU editor Angus Kidman notes, this is "an entirely open-ended" question. Instead of offering a range of prices, Qantas is leaving it up to passengers to nominate a figure.

So let's give Qantas a hand with our own straw poll: how much would you be prepared to pay for in-flight Internet on a QF flight?

We've included options for flights up to three hours, which covers the majority of flights between the east coast cities; from 4-6 hours, which includes coast-to-coast transcontinental services; and in case Qantas wants to offer in-flight Internet on international routes, you can also pick your price for flights of 7-20 hours.


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