ANA reveals new Boeing 787-9 domestic business class

The domestic Dreamliners will sport a premium seat inspired by ANA's international first class.

By David Flynn, December 8 2021
ANA reveals new Boeing 787-9 domestic business class

Japan's ANA is one of the few airlines to fly Boeing 787-9s not just on domestic routes but with a dedicated domestic configuration, and from this week those jets will begin sporting a new business class seat.

In ANA parlance that's called Premium Class – in much the same way that US airlines sell their domestic business class as First Class – and the Star Alliance member says the fresh seats are "inspired" by the carrier's international first class seating.

With 28 seats mainly arranged in a 2-2-2 layout, ANA claims they will be "the highest quality Premium Class seats available on Japanese domestic flights."

Passengers can look forward to "a more luxurious and dignified feel in overall texture, colour and pattern and fabric" when the upgraded Boeing 787-9s begin flying this week.

Each seat is 22" (56cm) wide and packs a 15.6-inch screen, with dividers between the seats for a greater sense of privacy; a compact storage compartment and a large, swivelling tray table; plus AC and USB power sockets within easy reach.

"The Boeing 787 has served ANA with distinction for a decade now, and we are excited to add more comfort and functionality to our fleet of incredibly capable aircraft," relates Junko Yazawa, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience Management & Planning of ANA.

"The new features on the Boeing 787- 9 strengthen an already great aircraft and will improve the passenger experience on domestic flights."

The 347 economy seats are identical to those of ANA's domestic Boeing 777-200 jets, with 13.3" video screens plus AC and USB outlets.

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