KLM’s new 777 business class suites to have sliding doors

The Dutch airline is planning a premium travel renewal for 2022.

By David Flynn, April 25 2022
KLM’s new 777 business class suites to have sliding doors

KLM is set to join the ‘sliding door set’ with an all-new business class for its Boeing 777 fleet.

The 2022 World Business Class suite will give passengers a double boost in privacy, with the current 2-2-2 seating layout replaced by a 1-2-1 configuration, while each set will sprout a sliding door.

The all-new business class will be a dramatic upgrade from KLM's current 777 offering.
The all-new business class will be a dramatic upgrade from KLM's current 777 offering.

KLM’s flagship Boeing 777 business class will be “more in line with that of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner” – which already sports a modern 1-2-1 design – reports Dutch aviation news site luchtvaartnieuws.nl.

KLM's Boeing 787 World Business Class.
KLM's Boeing 787 World Business Class.

“The seats will also be slightly wider” than those of the Dreamliner says Boet Kreiken, director of Customer Experience at KLM.

It’s not known which specific seat design the SkyTeam member has selected, although the pointy end of the 777s won’t be alone in the refresh: KLM will also finally launch premium economy, under the name Premium Comfort, to differentiate it from the current Economy Comfort extra-legroom rows in economy class.

Due to be revealed in May 2022, KLM’s premium economy will be rolled out across both the Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 fleet in the coming months.

KLM’s partner Delta Air Lines forged ahead with sliding doors on its Delta One Suites in 2017; the list of international airlines to since transform their business class seats into private cocoons includes ANA, Air China, British Airways, China Airlines, China Eastern, Etihad Airways, JetBlue and Qatar Airways. 

Other airlines tipped to join that roster in the coming years are American Airlines, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific, while some – such as Air New Zealand – will use doors to differentiate a ‘business class plus’ offering from the rest of the cabin.

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

12 Sep 2011

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Don't understand this obsession with sliding doors.  It is very very claustrophobic eg Swiss'  newest First and Etihad A380 Suites.  There is sufficient privacy afforded in Etihad First, Thai First 744 and even their more open A380 First, and with Swiss they have great privacy screens (their A330 First), similar to  Qatar First A380 and Lufthansa First privacy screens (748, doomed A380 :-(( )

And frankly in Business Class, it would take up room and enhance claustrophobia on what are already very narrow seats on most airlines (thinking Qantas, Qatar, United Polaris

08 May 2018

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Couldnt agree more. I think sliding doors is more elitist than actually being pragmatic. 

If only airlines can focus on delivering value instead of facade for travellers. 

Those that want privacy could just book a space in the cargo area and can do what ever they want down there. 

24 Oct 2020

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I can appreciate Airline Carriers worldwide are endeavoring to entice/encourage more people to travel after two plus years of horrendous restrictions & lockdowns; which across the world are now being seen & widely accepted as " totally unnecessary, unhealthy & quite frankly . . . . tyrannical ".  But that said, such outlandish upgrades in comfort & ( so-called privacy ) for passengers, particularly on long-haul flights, though nice & appreciated, come down to one factor alone . . . . . & that is "PRICE "!! 

Ultimately it is us passengers who are lumped with " paying for all that BLING ", through increased airfares & sneaky hidden/imposed fees; cause really folks,  the airlines " must recover their investment " in upgrading their aircraft just to increase bums - on - seats patronage.  One thing that isn't written much about in these type of newsletters, if at all, is the resultant Billion $$ Boom that external upgrade sub-contractors gain.

Couldn't agree more with ManHa's comments regarding " Façade, Value & Privacy " re - travelers.  Makes you wonder if Airline Bigshots ever read, reader's opines at the relevant page's derrière, re - said article's content. 

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