Most of the world's pilots are no longer flying for a living

The coronavirus pandemic has devastated the global aviation industry.

By Bloomberg News, January 29 2021
Most of the world's pilots are no longer flying for a living

More than half of the world’s airline pilots are no longer flying for a living, according to a worldwide survey highlighting how the Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the profession.

The Pilot Survey 2021, by aviation recruitment firm Goose and publisher FlightGlobal, showed just 43% of pilots remain in their job. The October poll covered almost 2,600 flight crew worldwide.

While vaccinations remain aviation’s great hope for a recovery, infection flareups and mutant variants of the virus have dashed prospects for a steady return of scheduled services.

The International Air Transport Association has said flying may not return to pre-pandemic levels until 2024, putting a lengthy strain on the pilot profession.

In the survey, 30% of respondents described themselves as unemployed and 17% said they were furloughed. Another 6% still work in aviation but in a non-flying role, and 4% had switched to a different industry altogether.

Of the regions represented in the survey, the U.S. was least hardest hit, with 20% of pilots unemployed.

China had the largest group of furloughed pilots at 24%. In a sign of some optimism, almost three-quarters of pilots expect the industry to fully recover in one to three years.

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20 Oct 2020

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I really feel for all the wonderful and professional pilots, cabin crew and ground staff who have been impacted by the pandemic. As a (now grounded) very frequent flyer - you’re all in our thoughts and we will be back, looking forward to seeing you again 👍

04 Dec 2013

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I know of some who were lucky enough to stay in the RAAF reserve after joining the airlines, who've been able to resume air force duties (including flying duties).  Useful insurance!

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