Qantas Business Rewards streamlines business travel

By Staff Writers, August 14 2017
Qantas Business Rewards streamlines business travel

Qantas Business Rewards is a great way for Small to Medium Enterprises and business owners to manage their business travel, receive discounts on flights and earn Qantas Points when they fly and on the ground too through their everyday business expenses. 

In addition to booking with Qantas’ network of participating travel agents, now the Qantas Business Rewards online booking tool makes the booking process more streamlined, so that you can quickly book travel for multiple staff members while ensuring you get the best deals.

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Instant flight discounts

Once you’ve signed up for Qantas Business Rewards, you’ll get access to your own travel dashboard where you can see all your company and traveller information, as well as the discounts that you’re instantly eligible for.


On top of earning Qantas Points for your business, as a Qantas Business Rewards member you start saving on airfares from the first flight you book - 5% on the base fare of eligible flights, topping out at an 8% discount as your business goes through the different membership levels plus 2% savings on the base fare of eligible Red eDeal deals.

Fast-Tracked Booking

After you’ve selected your flight, input your traveller information into the booking tool, and it can be saved as traveller profiles that you can quickly access again when booking more flights.


Your traveller profiles include employee particulars and frequent flyer information so that you and your employees don’t miss out on any Qantas Points and they can be simply managed from your Qantas Business Rewards account.


Booking flights for multiple travellers becomes a breeze, and you also get a consolidated view of upcoming trips for all of your employees.


You can also store up to 3 company credit cards within Qantas Business Rewards to fast-track future bookings.


Using the Qantas Business Rewards booking tool turns an often tedious process into a streamlined and consolidated method of managing your company’s business travel – not only do you get the best Qantas flight deals so that you don’t have to waste time searching, you also fast-track your bookings with the stored information allowing you to book a flight for multiple employees in just minutes.

And for those of us that prefer to use a travel agent to manage flight bookings, your travel agent can also access your member discounts, so it’s still a great idea to sign up for Qantas Business Rewards and earn points for your business and travellers at the same time.

Sign up for the Qantas Business Rewards program, and start saving now. Terms and conditions apply, see .

This article is sponsored by Qantas

About Qantas Business Rewards

Qantas Business Rewards - rewarding the spirit of Australian business with points in the air and on the ground. Members can earn points twice when they fly: as a business and also as a Qantas Frequent Flyer member. Customers must be members of the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program to earn Frequent Flyer Points, see Qantas Frequent Flyer program Terms and Conditions. The more members fly, the greater the savings on flights and they can earn points on everyday business expenses with more than 45 program partners. Qantas Business Rewards members also have a wide variety of ways they can use their points from flights and hotel stays to office essentials and employee rewards.