Review: Samsung T5 SSD drive

By David Flynn, August 15 2017
Review: Samsung T5 SSD drive

Same size, same price, more phwoar: that’s the recipe for Samsung’s latest T5 solid state drive.

On the outside, the pocket-sized T5 is almost indistinguishable from last year’s T3 model (for some reason Samsung skips even numbers in this product line, so there was no T4 or even a T2).

Like the T3, and the T1 before it, Samsung’s compact SSD drives aim to bridge the gulf between the capacity of a portable hard drive and the speed of a USB flash drive.

But this time around, the shock-resistant aluminium unibody case – now coloured in a soft robin’s egg blue (shown above) for the 250GB and 500GB models, and non-nonsense black (below) for 1TB and 2TB – contains a significantly speedier slab of solid state memory.

Samsung rates the T5’s transfer speeds at up to 540 MB/s, and like all such theoretical figures this remains out of reach in the real world. 

However, what you do get is like lighting in a little box. We clocked the disk speed at 420MB/s, with a 2.75GB file was copied from a MacBook Air to the T5 in barely 7 seconds and a meatier 14GB file whizzing across in just under 30 seconds.

The T5’s unique combination of speed and capacity make it a superb choice for on-the-fly archiving and on-the-road backup.

Note that while the T5 uses a USB-C port, this doesn’t mean it takes full advantage of super-fast USB-C data speeds – you’ll get the same throughput when connected to a regular USB 3 jack.

In a nod to the growing popularity of USB-C connectors on laptops and tablets, Samsung is bundling the T5 SSD with cables for both USB-C and standard USB ports.

A security app for Windows, Mac and Android applies heavy-duty AES 256-bit encryption to keep your data secure.

However, there’s no facility to create a seperate non-encrypted folder or partition – this is an all-or-nothing approach to security.

If you choose to encrypt the drive to keep your stuff private, there’s no way it can also be used for sharing files with your friends or colleagues. 

Samsung has pegged the T5’s pricing and capacity to the same level as the T3, which isn't a bad deal when you consider the T5 is seriously faster.

The range kicks off at $199 for the 250GB model, with 500GB costing you $329, 1TB priced at $649 and 2TB soaring northwards to $1,249.


David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.

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You can purchase an almost idential Samsung 1Tb internal SSD drive for about $440 and put it in a $20 case to make your own for a substantial saving. The saving on a diy 2TB drive is probably $400.

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