Unsure what you can bring back into Australia from overseas?

By Chris C., April 29 2015
Unsure what you can bring back into Australia from overseas?

It’s now even easier to check what you can and can’t bring into the country thanks to a new website from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, targeting first-time international flyers and road warriors alike.

Answering the simple question of ‘can I bring it back?’, travellers can begin by browsing a list of the 20 most-confiscated items at the Australian border…

… or can search by destination, item name or category for easy reference.

Among the items most frequently brought into Australia and detected by Customs: laser pointers, throwing stars/blades, steroids and pirated DVDs.

“Some travellers assume that items such as blow pipes, martial arts weapons, and BB guns are relatively harmless and make interesting, cheap souvenirs. However, they can cause serious injury and should not be brought back,” said Tim Fitzgerald, ACBPS Regional Commander NSW.

“Some items that are legal in other countries can’t be brought back into Australia. It is important to check Can I bring it back? before buying these items, so you know Australia’s rules and regulations.”

For more information, head to customs.gov.au/canibringitback before you next travel abroad or download the same in a PDF guide [1.57MB] for reading offline.

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.


12 Apr 2013

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Yep, Australia has one of the most stupid rules. For example absolutely prohibited balisong knifes, even plastic copy of them and one can only guess why they more "dangerous" then easy-to-open knifes with side button. I am not even talking about BB guns.

07 May 2016

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Your site seems to be the only one that actually has a little info on what you can bring into Australia.  I searched the Dept Ag tried to ring them only to find we are closed in the weekend.  Ditto Customs.  Can't find any helpful info on various health supplements & vitamins & minerals.  Really annoying as going to have to fly in the weekend & hope customs/ag does not confiscate half of it.  As there is no advice that is helpful on this subject.

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