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  • Thanks sunnybrae. I have been emailing weekly since 8 weeks - today marks 12 weeks - so might lift my game to daily now. I did try and call and was told that department isn't taking phone calls so couldn't be put through to them.Appreciate your input!

  • I flew Qantas to LAX in April - and had a number of issues including cancelled flights, lost luggage, downgrade in service. I made a complaint on my return (now over 11 weeks) and am still yet to receive a response. I can't claim on my travel insurance until I get a response from Qantas. Anyon...

  • Arrival back in Aus

    Oct 14, 2021, 01:56 PM

    I am Melbourne based, and planning to go to Hawaii for Christmas. Because Qantas doesn't fly directly back into Melbourne, will I have to quarantine in Sydney before boarding my domestic flight? (by this stage Melbourne should be in the 7 days home quarantine phase). My other option is to fly ...

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