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I am Melbourne based, and planning to go to Hawaii for Christmas. Because Qantas doesn't fly directly back into Melbourne, will I have to quarantine in Sydney before boarding my domestic flight? (by this stage Melbourne should be in the 7 days home quarantine phase).

My other option is to fly to LA from Hawaii, and then get the direct flight back to Melbourne. (Would rather pay this money than have to quarantine in a hotel).


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My prediction is that some form of quarantine will be required in Sydney. I think its unlikely that they would allow local passengers and passengers transferring from international flights to fly together on the same domestic flight to Melbourne.

Edit: Looks like my prediction was wrong. Hopefully Dan copies Dom and scraps quarantine as well.

Edit 2: And VIC quarantine from NSW also gone. Looks like it's all clear for Victorians to go overseas as long as you fly back in to NSW first.

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When you read the details in the NSW Air Quarantine Health Orders, then you can believe it. As of reading it today, there are no changes. So as someone said earlier, the Health Order may only be updated on 31st Oct. Buyer beware. Politicians have been known to say one thing, then write something else in their legislation.


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To those of you that feel uncertain as to what will happen if you left Australia to visit another country in Europe or Asia, be confused no longer. All major overseas flights will be departing from Sydney. Here is the deal made by the government of Australia. On your return trip home you will be arriving in Sydney and not your home State. Once in Sydney you will need to provide a Covid-19 certicate stating that you are safe to return to your State and self quarantine at home, otherwise you will have to quarantine in Sydney for 14 days at your own expense. This is what appears to be the current deal. But, should you decide to travel overseas anytime in 2022 you will no longer need to provide a certificate to return to your home State. My advice is not to book overseas holidays before the beginning of 2022.


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Please read this article that has been provided by Et (Executive Traveller) carefully all the way, and you will understand the plan laid out for you would be travellers. It's not complicated, and written in simple English. Here is the link ..... https://www.executivetraveller.com/news/australia-s-international-travel-ban-will-be-removed-from-nov-1

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