• QF2 departures from 23 March are flying LHR/DRW/SYD, but this is not currently reflected in the flight tracking websites. Similarly, QF1 departures from 24 March are flying SYD/DRW/LHR.

  • With a maximum initial green of 40 seconds (NSW), cars need to be able to interrogate traffic lights at least 600m ahead in built-up areas to avoid a total stop. (Further if there are multiple phases like right turn filters or higher speeds involved.)Traffic flow will be improved when there is 2...

  • Nov 29, 2017, 10:12 AM

    Melv12, Do you mean 2016? Certainly not available on our flights in 2015.

  • -EBC (34J 265Y) is one of the A330s with only an overhead screen. What other regos are lacking individual entertainment units?

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