• I find it a bit odd ball seeing Qatar using terminal 1, since i heard terminal 1 at CDG is generally for star alliance flights

  • Isn't that somewhat of a bit of a downgrade, because they switch from a bigger plane to a smaller plane?? Or is it that their 777-300ER never really get that full from SYD-NRT

  • The story behind airport codes...

    Dec 21, 2016, 09:11 AM

    I think its going to take up the SWZ, in which its orignally allocated.

  • Good to get rid of these cards.... do you guys even don't bother filling out the green departure cards, and just walk though the machine??For the orange arrival cards.... i think they can cut down how much information requried. I think its should be adopted in the same manner as the USA with its ...

  • Yeah, when I was exiting from the UAE, the guy directed me to a smartgate there, and its works no problems with an Aussie passport.

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  • New Jetstar Routes

    Jan 21, 2017, 09:59 AM

    Since QF has took over MEL to NRT route, I guess Jetstar is finding new routes. BTW: Didn't Jetstar used to fly direct from SYD (or MEL) to Saigon before??

  • Jetstar experience gone wrong!

    Jan 21, 2017, 09:56 AM

    [/QUOTE=15556;35293]Although Jetstar gave back my baggage at next day morning, and they reimbursed my taxi fee, but I still disappointed about their attitude for the customer as they said " VALUED CUSTOMER".[/QUOTE]At least Jetstar reimbursed your taxi fare, be thankful for that. It's really grin...

  • Which is worse?

    Mar 11, 2016, 09:44 PM

    I find 3-3-3 787 much more pleasent than a 3-4-3 777,But then again, i flew an hellish 3-3-3 A330..... But for whatever reason, I flew cebu pacfic from manila to sydney on a 3-3-3 A330 and i almost slept for the whole flight, lol

  • Didn't BA try to convert into 3-4-3 seating on their 777, but then went back to 3-3-3

  • Most of the flights from ATL are domestic based. So despite the high number, you could say at least 90% of those numbers are domestic, and therefor, international number would be considered low

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