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  • Well I am at heathrow now less than 4 hours before departure and there is no sign of any Qantas staffLooks like more cost cutting from dear leader at work.

  • Originally Posted by victort : Hi guys, looking at booking a trip in December and would like to have your opinions on the best hard product J class flying out of SYD to anywhere in SE Asia direct. End destination is BKK but happy to take 1 stop for a more enjoyable journey ;)My top 3:1 - SIA - t...

  • in my experience as long as you are on cathay it wont be a problem, if you are changing airlines you have no chance unless you only have carry on.

  • i have had good and bad experiences with the QF FF team, as a Plat FF with both Q and VA i can only say that teh VA experience is much much better and delays are minimal.

  • Is Qantas first class going downhill?

    Jun 05, 2017, 04:41 PM

    Last flew in May could not recommend, seat electronics playing up so entertainment was a non starter food was the dreadful Neil Perry overly spicy nonsense and choices had no appeal. Wine is Dan Murphy $40 per bottle rubbish that people who fly first wouldn't serve at a BBQ.Seat cramped and uncom...

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