• The perfect Business experience by the looks; goes to show why Qatar are considered the best in the world.

  • To be fair, i also flew on a QR flight on my way over to Doha, the service on both flights was consistently excellent.

  • This was in economy. There is a massive diffference in space between the A350 and 787, both have 9 abreast seating in Y Class, but the seats and cabin of the A350 are both wider.

  • I was on this flight yesterday and the A350 really is a brilliant aircraft. The cabin and seating are noticeably more spacious and the larger windows and streamlined overhead bins and passenger service units add to the airy feel of the cabin. I have to say too that jet lag has been almost non-exi...

  • Brisbane trials automated boarding

    Sep 07, 2015, 10:01 AM

    Whilst the new self-serve boarding gates look like a great idea; the bottleneck with boarding will just move down inside the aerobridge, particularly when boarding narrow body aircraft such as the 737 and A320, the mainstay of the Australian domestic fleet.