• These Herring Bone seats are so Last Century. Even Virgin Atlantic the Innovator of this concept have dropped them on New Aircraft order. Also I recall Cathay ripped them out after barely 3 years . When I fly I want to see The Sky not somebody elses Feet.

  • I just want to be able to use the holding Companies [BA] Avios on Aer Lingus. Would also like them to join OneWorld instead of being a Stand Alone Non-Alliance Airline

  • Of course all this expense come after JetBlue and NY/NJPA announces acquisition of T7 and possible Demolition for JetBlue expansion and BA Plan to move to T8 : https://commercialobserver.com/2019/02/two-airlines-plan-344m-investment-for-jfk-terminal-renovation/

  • Of Course this means down from 14 First Seats to 8..Significantly less Award Seats.

  • Clearly nobody here has ever had to do an Interline Transfer CX say from Gates 18 or 19 to Thai. It is a requirement to Do an Arrivals area TREK of almost a mile to W1 Desks. Even though there are 2 lanes of Moving walkways they both move W to E as the majority of passenger are arrivals into HKG...

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  • Purchasing Upgrades at Check In

    Jan 15, 2020, 11:40 PM

    I would appreciate their names, required Frquent Flyer Status, prices and system implementation plus links to this statement please.Originally Posted by DrSK US-based airlines will generally offer paid upgrades, especially for domestic flights.

  • More Rewards Seats on Cathay?

    Sep 14, 2019, 12:02 AM

    Certainly unlikely from Dublin. Looks like the route has gone forever. With flight capacity also down about 20% From USA I can only see awards especially for OneWorld Partners getting more difficult in the Premium Cabins.

  • First arrivals at LHR T5

    Aug 18, 2019, 12:21 AM

    Not giving the full information when asking questions leads to lots of incorrect responses.Need to know which Airline and where you are connecting to. For Custom and Immigration advice.Do you have a through Ticket. For Baggage check advice.

  • If flying PE from Europe look for Austrian PE Fares from selected European Cities around US$640 Return. But only selected destinations and usually only 4 seats a flight.

  • As the OP is connecting to a UK Domestic flight access to T5B is not an option.Also 6am to 7 am is not really busy for T5 LoungesProviding Qantas arrives at the scheduled time i.e 5 minutes after Heathrow opens there will be very few Domestic Connections at T5 so Airside lines will be minimal. Pl...

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