• As a Platinum member I already get complimentary breakfast & suite upgrades on most occasions so there’s no new benefit???

  • Why not use the a380 SYD-JNB instead of Syd-Tokyo . I’d feel much safer with four engines flying in that remote part of the world near Antarctica & with the black spot on that route

  • I stopped flying Qantas J from Asia a few yrs ago now when they stopped serving the full breakfast like the other airlines do. I think QF were just being cheap & lazy , especially encouraging eating meals in the lounge instead of onboard under the guise of maximizing your rest.

  • Leg room is very important for us tall people so don’t have a foot cubby on the side like SQ has just done. Also wider seats & a proper bar to socialize as this makes the time pass fast.

  • The 20-hour flight is coming

    Aug 31, 2018, 03:32 PM

    Agreed, it won’t happen, remember 10yrs also when the A380 came out and they said they’d have swimming pools, spas, giant lounges, instead just more seats.

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