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  • Originally Posted by patrickk With 13 requests and seven seats I wouldn’t hold my breath for three of you. Platinum helps get to the top of the list but if my son is not given the priority that I get then i may as well cancel the upgrade request now.

  • Originally Posted by mern2001 I think Mjudd has the answer - but just wondering how you know there are 13 requests to upgrade in the system? Thanks. Qantas staff can view the loads

  • Hi I have a slightly strange query re family upgrades and wanted to throw it out to the experts with the hope someone out there may have the answer..For an upcoming trip to Bali flying Qantas metal I have requested an upgrade from economy to business for myself, the wife and my son. I am Platinum...

  • And i suppose the 'extend' option is still better value than paying for an 'advantage' redemption?

  • Originally Posted by Brandon Loo Unfortunately waitlisting won't extend the expiry of your miles. SQ are pretty strict when it comes to things like this. If your waitlist came through after March 31, you wouldn't have any more miles to confirm the ticket.If it's the first time they're expiring, ...

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