• Also forgot to add, I booked this on expedia and the booking class says Q so how come I got an email from QF?

  • HI new to this. Can someone clarify, can you bid for an upgrade from Y to J or is it only Y to PE? Got an email asking if I wanted to bid SYD-SIN in a week's time. Have lifetime silver status. What would do it to get to J from Y??

  • I guess it will be of interest to people with a big qantas points balance. But I wonder how well it work. I find it hard enough to get dates to work with award bookings. Also from a purely points value viewpoint 72k plus high fees to get up to Japan seems extremely expensive compared to going CX ...

  • I’ve paid for this a couple of years then got it with amex platinum. I probably break even but we have a sofitel in our town and use the dining discount a lot. The staff there probably think we are cheap going in there all the time for lunch. The 50% discount is substantial and the restaur...

  • Thanks for laying out these changes in a very readable and easy to understand format. The 7 day calendar is certainly a welcome improvement. The one by one, day by day searching made sq awards almost too time consuming to carry out.

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