• It would be great to have an over view of what the green pass is still being used for and if there is any need for Australians to have it in most countries? 

  • Was never a fan of PER-LHR?? lol.. Well, it's certainly been the most popular route with the highest customer satisfaction rating of any QF route in its history. I think some people need to get over there apathy and their otherwise resentment of WA and the covid-free approach. 

  • I don't think it's tenable to suggest that a 'national' airline drops one of its own country's largest and economically significant cities.. let alone abandoning 1/3 of the entire country in the process.In fact, despite the eastern state centric mentality on display, its actually a benefit for th...

  • No one has noticed that this media release was timed for the 'Western Australia' Day public holiday marking then founding WA.I myself feel like the WA Gov has to intervene for the common good, but surely it raises an eyebrow when Qantas is clearly being tactical if not manipulative in its approac...

  • [Comment edited for content] My only wish is they would build a direct line via the Footscray or Essendon proposals rather than detour through Sunshine.

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