• A very sad day. I flew 398 sectors on the 747; the first time in 1972 from HKG to BKK, and finally SYD JNB in 2017. One of the most notable flights was a BA (BOAC) service from LHR to JFK in 1973 where there were a total of 4 passengers on the flight, 2 in First class and 2 in Ecomomy. I was ...

  • More (and larger) lavatories. Ensuring they are clean at all times.Food suitable for ultra-long flights. Area for socialising, More consistency in service standards.Ensuring that other customers are not disturbed by dine on demand service.

  • So glad I found this review. I was considering NZ for my next USA trip, but had no idea about the seating layout. NZ is no longer a contender for my business.

  • Review:

    Oct 13, 2018, 05:23 PM

    I visited the No 1 Lounge at Gatwick South when travelling on Turkish Airlines. This lounge must be a strong contender for the worst airline lounge in Europe. It was crowded, dirty and the facilities offered were pathetically inadequate. I would have liked some cereal, but there was no milk. Eve...

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  • Qatar disapointment

    Aug 19, 2018, 08:27 AM

    I'll also be interested in QR's response. My own experience of QR is that its staff are totally inflexible. While travelling on a QR J Class sector I completed a FF Application form. Some six months later I received the membership details and saw that my name was incorrectly spelled. I emaile...

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