• Qantas is a prestigious airline, however they should also consider lifting their game for their current hard products as well as soft products, such as service.Qantas should from first to economy(seats,comfort,food etc.) revolutionalise the way of air travel in the 2020s and beyond. Also, David w...

  • They are just promoting their duty free, as an example, a typical Sydney-Hong Kong flight, does not have too many announcements, apart from the typical ones, about the destination (weather, time) and safety instructions.

  • That would be a great idea as the only A350 service currently serving Sydney is Taipei-Sydney by China Airlines, it would be great to have another A350 service to be serving between LAX and SYD by Delta,other airlines should also opt to replace their aircraft to long-haul or ulr aircraft to incre...

  • Haha, let's see if they will put a curved 4K TV in their rooms.

  • The 20-hour flight is coming

    Aug 30, 2018, 01:00 PM

    Hopefully, they could lock in on their aircraft of choice soon in 2019 which satisfies the requirement of Project Sunrise and Qantas.

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