• Thanks for the review. It looks a way better offering than that in the VA lounge at BNE I visited 4 weeks ago. I know I was in a domestic lounge and supposedly VA are going to provide more but what is shown in this review is more like what I expect. Chris do you know if someone at ...

  • The CNS lounge was a really comfortable boutique lounge. We are flying to cairns in 3 weeks. Flying in J  but is always nice to have a lounge before the flight. I agree with you idea of “the club “ being for platinum and J. 

  • I agree good idea. BUT might find it hard to qualify as most status came from flying to LAX twice per year in J. Per COVID. Will the code share with delta continue?  

  • I agree it would be a good idea. I may well qualify. BUT it will be hard as we gained most of our status by flying to LAX in J twice per year. Pre COVID!! Domestic flights as well but small numbers compared to LAX  Will a code share will delta still apply?  

  • Good article and good comments. I hope the pre-flight bubbles is still offered. We are flying BNE return PPP in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to being back in the air. We are leisure J travelers. Grounded for 15 months. Menu looks good but I agree about the cheese plate...

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