Virgin ready to launch new business class meals

Instant noodles and snack boxes will reportedly make way for a return to plated meals with a fresh, contemporary theme.

By David Flynn, March 10 2021
Virgin ready to launch new business class meals
Executive Traveller exclusive

Virgin Australia is set to unveil an overhaul of its inflight business class dining this month, leaving behind those two-minute noodles and snack boxes for meals more worthy of the pointy end of the plane.

Executive Traveller understands the new inflight dining service, which will be part of the airline's business class 'reboot', sees a return to the airline's pre-collapse and pre-COVID mode of individually plated dishes delivered on a single tray.

Virgin cabin crew are reportedly being trained up in the new service ahead of its launch by the beginning of April, with the promise of a fresh approach to contemporary dining.

Sarah Adam, Virgin's General Manager of Product and Customer Experience, coyly tells Executive Traveller "I can't give too many secrets away at this stage, but 'watch this space'..."

Virgin's now-axed Airbus A330 business class offered a superb fine dining experience on east-west routes.
Virgin's now-axed Airbus A330 business class offered a superb fine dining experience on east-west routes.

As to catering for a broader variety of travellers' tastes, such as vegetarians, Adam says "we want to be able to cater to guests' needs as best as we can."

"Sometimes we are restricted to the space that we have on board, but we will make sure that there are options that will suit the majority of guests."

Adam also declined to say if the new business class meals might be presented as a partnership with either a specific chef or a retail brand.

Virgin previously collaborated with Luke Mangan on domestic and international business class meals which were well-regarded by frequent flyers.

Former Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti hired Luke Mangan to design the airline's business class meals.
Former Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti hired Luke Mangan to design the airline's business class meals.

Mangan also lent his expertise to designing menus for the airline's elite invitation-only The Club lounges, which have been shuttered since March 2020 and could be a casualty of Virgin's move away from well-heeled corporate accounts and towards a more mid-market position.

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However, there's plenty of room between the utility of snack boxes and five-star fine dining at 30,000 feet, and here – as with the rest of its restart under new owners Bain Capital – Virgin is determined to find the 'sweet spot' of value for the asking price and customer expectations of a business class fare.

Those fares remain highly competitive against Qantas, with Virgin still listing one-way Sydney-Melbourne business class at the back end of April at $300 and $600, with Sydney-Brisbane at $450 and $600 (Qantas currently shows a flat $716 for Sydney-Melbourne and $900 for Sydney-Brisbane).

It's not known if Virgin will differ its approach for business class meals on the longer transcontinental routes, where it previously offered a menu even on Boeing 737 flights, while Qantas will maintain a solid edge due to its Airbus A330 jets with spacious business class suites and a larger, better-equipped kitchen galley.

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Virgin's culinary rebound began with those infamous Fantastic-brand instant noodles, which were a very short-term fix to address supply issues as the airline emerged from administration but became a outsized image problem when business class passengers shared photos of the pot noodles on social media.

In the wake of #NoodleGate, Virgin has since November 2020 served rudimentary snack boxes typically containing assorted nibbles, crackers and a dip, a muffin and, during morning flights, a bowl of cereal.

The days of the Virgin Australia business class snack box are numbered...
The days of the Virgin Australia business class snack box are numbered...

While Virgin's business class passengers will clearly have something to look forward to from April, the news isn't as cheery for economy flyers, who'll see free snacks and most drinks axed in favour of a fully 'buy on board' model.

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David Flynn is the Editor-in-Chief of Executive Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.

26 Jul 2015

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I flew with them yesterday Syd-Bne-Syd, very poor excuse for a business class, indeed, very ordinary flights in general. They have a LONG way to go to get back to where they were. If they want to attract people to their business class, they need to have a long hard look at what they were doing before admin and get somewhere back to that level of service I won't even bother to mention the food and beverage offerings. Perhaps after the relaunch of business class when I've read a few reviews I might consider them again, but no chance of me flying with them again in the meantime. The CEO said she wanted to make flying fun again, well, you have a big job ahead of you.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

07 Aug 2013

Total posts 251

Fying is sort of not fun at the moment anyway for all, you would find issues across many issued that have restricted their service.b

But yes they have to step up their game. I'm not sure what else needs to happen besides food and switching on wifi though. A lot still is the more or less the same?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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Why doesn't Virgin / Bain simply get on with the job of doing a formal "re-launch" of Virgin Mark 3?

It is an absolute insult to the Australian travelling public that almost 5 months after emerging from liquidation (and a considerable number of months under it) that the Board and management seem to have no idea how to position or run the carrier, let alone to promote it.

Normally, I have a high degree of respect for ET articles, but this article is challenging. Sarah Adams "can't give too many secrets away'. Well, she is sure to keep her job, since I can't see ANY secret(s) even hinted at, let alone given away. Her other quotes are mere meaningless platitudes ie: "we want to be able to cater to guest's needs as best we can .." er, that doesn't even qualify as sensible market-speak. No sense of wishing to exceed needs or expectations, just an ordinary "we'll try". Sorry, but business travellers buying a business class fare expect (and deserve) better.

Further, "sometimes we are restricted to the space we have on-board" (gee, does it change between B737's? Has anyone ever seen a 3 foot long carrot that can't be cut?) "but we will make sure that there are options that will suit the majority of guests." Bravo .. and bugger off for those we can't "suit".

Sarah may be new to the position (I haven't looked that clearly at their restructure team, since leaving administration) so I will give her the benefit of doubt, but clearly Virgin needs to improve (or even develop) some form of valid communication strategy. Their market share would depend on it in a two-horse race .. and now there are three horses, it is absolutely critical. 

Looking at the last photograph in this article, it appears that Virgin (in administration) clearly saw the "snack-box" (or JUNK food collection, as I prefer to call it) as an acceptable substitute for a genuine meal. I can appreciate that the new Virgin Mark 3 may wish to minimize costs and maximize fare "bang for buck". But doing away with a celebrity chef will only pare the bill slightly (excuse the pun). Any continuation of this travesty "box" in J class will be doomed to failure.

I know we are in interesting aviation circles right now, but Virgin wishing to appear "strategic" (ie. to follow or challenge either Rex's or QF's move(s), simply makes Virgin's inaction look unprofessional. And lost.

Kimshep, I think ET reported a while back that Virgin decided not to relaunch its business class in Feb which was the usual 'back to business' period due to ongoing uncertainty over border closures by the east coast states which would prohibit travel. Obviously the airline has to plan ahead for these things and back in January there was still so much 'up in the air'. Now that things have settled it seems like the time is right, and especially now that Rex has started SYD-MEL, I'm surprised Virgin actually gave Rex that 'window' for March. Anyway, let's hope Virgin can pull all the remaining threads together including what's happening with WiFi too.

26 Jul 2015

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Agree with you kimshep hate the corporate speak that keeps coming out. Though its not even the food offering that is the problem, yesterday the drinks options were almost non-existent, the premium entry at Sydney and Brisbane is still closed and the level of service on the flights was no were near up to scratch for the premium product they are supposed to be offering. As you say, stop talking about it and get on with it.

While you may have issues with Sarah Adam's reliance on safe corporate-speak, the fact is that why would she give anything away? Virgin is just weeks away from the launch and the last thing they would want to do is spill the beans and give Qantas and Rex a better idea of what Virgin has planned, and let's be honest, she's also talking to a journalist and given ET's track record of news, I would also have been watching my words very very carefully! Sadly, this corporate-speak while very uninspiring is also how companies play it safe these days, all guarded and non-commital. Sad but true!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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"Why would she give anything away?" Er ... lot's of reasons

1. Virgin is now involved in a market that is about to split into 3 defined carriers. Two of these are known by the travelling public and one has made vague claims about being a 'hybrid' carrier and nothing more. Not the way to secure or increase your market share, if you are the last one.

2. Bain & Co. spent AUD$3.5 billion on buying the company. Hopefully, they have some understanding of what they bought and the manner in how their potential market (customers) react. Day by day, my confidence seems to shrink. VA should (and do) have people watching and countering negative views of their product. Perception should never be underestimated. Clearly, if you read - there is a need for identification of the VA product. That is not what potential customers are getting.

3. After 5 months of having limited / no corporate identity, potential customers have NO idea what to expect. Existing customers that have stuck with VA are finding out by experience, which appears to regularly miss expectations. Other customers have become 'ex-customers' by moving to the opposition ie: QF (known entity and product, known FF advantages etc) or ZL Rex to experience something new and conceptual.

4. Faced with 1, 2 and 3  - most responsible corporates would counter with an image-building, benefit-identifying, re-assuring advertising / PR campaign. Said company would have it's CEO and senior management out PR'ing the hell out of their new baby. That is what re-assures customers. What have we heard so far ? Crickets .... zzzzz.

There's an old adage in politics and Marketing 101 called the "Dorothy Dixxer". It's the art of being asked a question and having the ability to 'answer' / change the focus / and often turn a 'tu*d' into a diamond. That level of inexperience is clearly on display. Sarah could have waxed lyrical about all manner of VA initiatives or possibilities (without giving anything away) and painted the carrier as a "new, exciting, innovative, changed, forward-marching ... carrier". What did we get? Sorry, I can't tell you.

Unlike the last VA-QF fare war, which pitted one against the other - there is now an entirely different landscape. QF as the highest fare offeree, is now faced with taking on not one but two (2) lower cost alternatives. The QF fan-boys will counter "no problem, QF has the best product" (which they generally do IMHO) but due to COVID-19, QF no longer has the 'deep pockets' it once had. What it does have though, is a First Class Market-eer. What do Virgin and Rex have? Rex has great airfares, a good developing East Coast network, a product which is competitive and which they are proud of. In short, the public is generally excited about what they offer. What is VA offering? Well, we're not quite sure. They seem to be matching Rex's fares (which ensures that QF will have to attack on two fronts, not one). However, the Business product from VA which used to be QF's equal (or better, depending on your persuasion) is now sadly degrading with negative reports coming to the fore. Economy? Why would you risk it, when you have no idea of what to expect? The only constant is the seat pitch and width. There's the questions of food (BoB or not, snacks or not, fluids or not, WiFI / IFE. And you are wondering why we think VA should be addressing all this?

You allude to "Virgin is weeks away from launch" .. re-launch should have been - in reality - a month ago when their last big sale happened, but as I understand it, is postponed till March. And here we are in March, and VA is yet again 'segmenting' dribs and drabs of its phantom launch.

And now you have the answer to your question. Thoughtfully devoid of 'Dorothy Dixxers, though'.

Kim, you have missed my main point here. Why should Sarah reveal some details to a single journalist when the actual launch is just weeks away and will no doubt involve a heavily-coordinated PR blitz across all media including mainstream press and perhaps even TV? There's no benefit for Virgin in that.

If you're arguing that this info should have been out sooner and the new business class launched sooner, that's a fair point but also a totally different subject to what an airline exec will reveal to a journalist.

Also, if Sarah had "waxed lyrical" about Virgin being "new, exciting, innovative, changed, forward-marching ... carrier" you don't think everybody would still complain about those comments being vague and vacuous and say "Stop with the marketing waffle, give us the details!"

PS The "Dorothy Dixxer" is not "the art of being asked a question and having the ability to 'answer' / change the focus / and often turn a 'tu*d' into a diamond." A Dorothy Dixxer is a 'softball' question asked specifically so the person can give a nicely potted rehearsed and positive answer.

05 Mar 2015

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"Faced with 1, 2 and 3  - most responsible corporates would counter with an image-building, benefit-identifying, re-assuring advertising / PR campaign. Said company would have it's CEO and senior management out PR'ing the hell out of their new baby. That is what re-assures customers. What have we heard so far ? Crickets .... zzzzz."

I am very sure that as soon as Virgin is ready to talk about this it will unleash Jayne and others, and probably plenty of advertising as well! But obviously Virgin is NOT ready to talk about it right now.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Jan 2018

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And to be fair to Ms Jayne, she's probably a little 'tuckered out' after the Australian Open (one needs to have one's priorities in order).  Flew MEL-BNE earlier this week (EconomyX), couldn't buy a cracker or glass of wine to save myself - not even when I offered to shout all others in EconomyX (rows 3-5) a drink!.  They were the rules and we all had a laugh.  

But it does seem there is light at the end of this seriously long tunnel, and if as good as our Squire Flynn has been told, I'm all in for the long haul (pardon that pun, not).  

KW72 Banned
KW72 Banned

17 Jun 2020

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Virgin need to hurry up on this and good to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whilst their pricing is competitive with Rex, their business product as it stands is inferior. 

Once launched their product could be a winner if it is slightly worse than QF but at much better pricing.

Virgin actually finds itself in what should be a very competitive position right now, they are undercutting Qantas by a huge margin, the sort of margin which makes a real difference to its declared target of self-employed business people and businesses with a tighter travel budget. They are price matching Rex and so once Virgin gets its meals sorted it will have a solid advantage considering that Virgin has better lounges than Rex and also a frequent flyer program to reward loyalty for flying with the airline.

09 Aug 2015

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Said it before and will say it again, Virgin doesn't need to aim too high here, doesn't need to do a JB and try to match Qantas with a named chef and fancy meals. There's a lot you can do that will hit the spot even on a short flight like SYD-MEL or SYD-BNE. I think one thing will be to have a choice between a lighter but still decent meal, like a poke bowl, and a more substantial meal like a beef or chicken dish. Sometimes the only time you have for a proper meal is during the flight, but sometimes you want something light to tide you over until you get home for dinner with the family. Looking forward to reading ET's report and review on the new business class meals!

Singapore Airlines - KrisFlyer

28 Jun 2019

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It seems the problem at the moment isn't what exactly Virgin is aiming for, but that they don't appear to be aiming for much of anything at all, let alone delivering. It's been five months and VA still can't seem to communicate even an idea of what they intend to do beyond some rather uninspiring corporate jargon and buzzwords. In that time, Rex has managed not only to acquire and get a new aircraft type into operation but also to throw in a hot meal and a cheese-plate. VA is still serving business class flyers pre-packaged crackers and processed cheese.

IMHO, Rex's website and poor IT systems are the biggest risk to their success at the moment, and VA's larger network, partners and frequent flyer programme are big competitive advantages even if Rex sorts that out. Perhaps VA figures a few more months of floundering around won't have much of an impact in the end, but it sure seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity in the meantime. That or they truly just don't know what they're doing yet. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

26 Nov 2012

Total posts 112

Or maybe they know exactly what they’re doing and all of us armchair airline execs are not their target market and they’ll do what they’ll do in their own time. In any case, who cares, if you love them you’ll stick with them, everyone else already left. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Aug 2017

Total posts 82

I agree with many of the above posters. Virgin shouldn't even try to beat Qantas in terms of the actual product. They will never be able to (especially with so few lounges compared with Qantas). Where they should be able to easily beat Qantas is in value-for-money, especially with the huge disparity in fares between Qantas and Virgin at the moment. 

Even now it's very rare (I would even say foolish!) for people to fly Qantas domestic Business using their own money. Surely there's a huge market for people who want to fly Business but who also have to pay for it?


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 Nov 2018

Total posts 105

You’d be surprised how many wealthy individuals and families pay for domestic business class.... but Qantas have some very large Corperate accounts that allow for there execs to fly domestic Business & lets not forget our politicians and many government accounts!!! 

09 Dec 2015

Total posts 13

The old dangle a carrot in front of the rabbit trick.....Keeping you interested that the change is coming, but when, how, what, who and why is another strory!!! Maybe best report on it when its in solid black and white.

16 Oct 2012

Total posts 40

I agree with much of the above. VA simply need to get on with it. 

What was mooted as a March relaunch of Business class now seems pushed into an April rollout. NASA used to turn around Space Shuttle missions in shorter time than this Business class catering relaunch!

To compound this has been the inadequate and at times trite communication with us Plats. 

I only hope what we’ve seen thus far form the new manager at VA isn’t a harbinger of things to come. 

Virgin has been pretty lax at communicating with not only Platinums but even The Club members. Imagine, its most frequent flyers and its most influential VIPs, and both segments being treated like mushrooms. We have been getting more news and useful info from the likes of ET and Fairfax! But I suppose it all comes back to Virgin choosing when the time is right to make all the announcements and basically relaunch the airline.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

12 Jun 2019

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We(platinum leisure travelers) are booked to fly BNE to PPP after Easter. We have loved flying J with VA over the years. Both short and long haul. Our son lives in the USA. 

Our daughter (gold) flew bne to Syd return recently and said the lounge offerings were limited. 

I do hope the “new business class “ is enjoyable. We do love flying VA. 

05 Jan 2021

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Heaven help Virgin if they employ Neil Perry as their Celebrity Chef.

He's done a lot of damage to Qantas J class meal's reputations.

VA needs to avoid Neil's " what's this green stuff" type of offering in the front cabin.

05 Mar 2015

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Well of course Virgin won't go anywhere near Neil Perry. I'd say that Virgin needs to steer clear of ALL 'celebrity chefs' but to be honest, Luke Mangan did great business class meals for Virgin, he was just super expensive, which is the problem with all of these 'names', you are paying for their expertise and name and PR value. Even if Virgin went with somebody from Master Chef they would still end up paying a lot extra for that name value.

I suspect Virgin will do a 'partnership' with some established retail brand or outlet because it can say it's promoting that brand to all its premium passengers to try and get the price down.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Jan 2018

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Why pay either Perry or Mangan, when there are almost as equally competent Chefs in the final 6 on the Master Chef TV series.  If Virgin were to showcase each of those Chefs for a 2 month 'Tour of Duty', I'm sure Pax (like me) would be eager to see what they came up with.  Add into the mix a few impromptu appearances by the Chef on flights at the start of their tour (i.e. flights between BNE, SYD and MEL and perhaps PER), have them explain for themselves their food offering to Pax over the PA system (only needed for 4-5 minutes), it could also be a clever source of entertainment and bring variety that isn't usually offered.  

That 'on-board' event would be only for, say, 2-3 flights in each sector at the start of their tour, and then Virgin could publish those comments/feedback in the Inflight magazine, a visual blog on the inflight entertainment system.    

This sort of thing is done regularly at Melbourne Cricket Club's Long Room Wine & Food Society Dinners, where at the end of dinner the Chef comes out, explains what he/she tried to deliver and takes a few questions from members.    

(Thanks for reading, not wanting to try and do Ms Jayne's job for her, just keeping variety and quality in the VFF meals roster).

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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In theory, a great idea. However, one that doesn't translate well in practice. 

A couple of years ago BBC made a great doco on the travails of Heston Blumenthal when he joined the BA Flight Kitchens for a promotional stint. Now, whilst I think that Heston is a tad over-rated, he certainly is not afraid to experiment with mixing food and science.

Unfortunately, its not that easy to throw novice or even experienced chefs into an aviation environment. A lot of the standard chef rules, such as cooking time, oven performance, heating and cooling, the effect of altitude and pressure on passengers and their tastebuds, raw material reactions etc all come into play in the air ~ and this has become a somewhat niche but important science in its own realm. 

Just ask Neil Perry who had to learn to adapt many of his signature dishes for in-air service over a few years. Some may say that he is still learning LOL. Heck, for sommeliers - even a bottled wine may taste brilliantly on the ground .. but dead ordinary at 43,000 ft. 

The other point I would make is that having a chef on-board may well be a fine aspiration - for premium routes where they can cook. Just as SQ did, some years ago. But offering commentary on their own dishes, explaining the nuances of 'taste' and palate could be viewed as boring or self-indulgent by some passengers. The concept could also come off as being downright annoying or somewhat 'wanker-ish'. I guess that is why airlines don't have 'live entertainment' on board.

09 Sep 2020

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Im still waiting to hear anymore abt using Alliance Airlines to operate regional routes...  Big announcement in November.. And heard nothing since


02 Oct 2012

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Sounds like we are all on the same page here.   I’ve had 3 x J class sectors with VA in the last 2 weeks. The snack packs contained exactly the same items on each flight, including a 2 hour lunch flight (minus the Power Mix as featured in the photo in this article).  They actually remind me of 1990s Y class snack boxes on US domestic carriers and are quite insulting.   The lounge offering in MEL, SYD and OOL lounges were based around the same type of food.  The onboard service sometimes featured a pre take off drink, sometimes it doesn’t .  Wine was serviced (in a plastic cup) sometimes in the cabin, sometimes from the galley.  

So for anyone who would like to spend their hard earned cash or points on nut type things in plastic bags and wine in plastic cups this is the airline for you.  The rest of us can move on.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

30 Oct 2015

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I thought as a VA platinum, Bain would have tried to us FF's loyal, but the silence has been deafening. 

I'm sorry but a small box loaded with 50c packets from NQR doesn't sit well. 

I've flown enough to reach QF platinum since VA went into administration, so Jaynes loss........

Good luck with your attempted endeavours Jayne...

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

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What possible reason is there for not announcing for the last THREE months what their service really will be like?

Because of the covid-19  restrictions and border closure uncertainty I can understand them not actually commencing the service just yet but why not tell us what it is going to be like. Might save quite a few customers from jumping ship to QF if we can see what's in store for J class travel with VA.

It's not a matter of " giving our secrets away " because when they do announce the new service the competitors will change theirs to match VA so there's no point in delaying this announcement in my opinion.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Jan 2018

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Priorities Rod, priorities.  Perfectly rational sensible thinking in your post, particularly when the 're-launched' service in Business sounds like its what we were enjoying beforehand.  But Rod, you've sort-of clumsily overlooked one factor, Ms Jayne (and not doubt Mike) has been ra-ther dreadfully distracted by Australian Open Tennis duties, plans, VIP meet 'n greets, 1-on-1's w/ preferred players, and finals to watch.  The AO is her Plan-B and primary source of networking opportunities, VA is only the day job.  

But the good news is, she's back in the cockpit with hands on the controls.  We can all now exhale !!!  (sigh)

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

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Aha ! Thanks for that explanation.

Now it is very plain to see just where her priorities  were.

Fancy me  being so naïve as to think reviving an Airline ,saving thousands of jobs and keeping once loyal J class happy would be of any priority.

Silly me , should have realised that Sport takes priority with most Australians even though she isn't an Aussie she has followed suit or so it seems.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Jan 2018

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The lure of networking, glad-handing VIPs, etc., a good (if not clever) strategic 'ground game' effort to pave the way for the next gig after Bain sells VA in 2-3 years time.  I don't think the Milk Company gig was ever going to provide a trajectory to the lucrative, easygoing Boardroom circuit, and I can't imagine VAH-2 will do much in that respect.  

Frankly, I think MM would have been better served giving Scurrah the fear of his life, a true 'come to Jesus' moment, to whip him into line.  Like the old saying goes, you appoint one CEO to set-up/turn around, but then another CEO to run the ship smoothly and profitably.  

Your post above, re: what should have been announced months ago even if not starting until April, is the thinking of a mature, measured Board/CEO.  Instead, we've been served a helping of adolescent middle-school "I have a secret and I'll tell you in a few months when I'm good and ready".  OK 'Karen', hold onto your secret and we'll all feign 'surprise' when you tell us.  

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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Hi Boeing-Tragic,

Thanks for your 'well bowled' comment regarding my food comments. Unfortunately, I can't find your post in this thread. I received an email notification from ET with your welcome remarks contained in it. 

I am glad of your reaction, since I also learnt quite a lot due to Heston's BA time. If you are interested in exploring this further, at least one of the episodes is available on YouTube. If you query on Google "Heston Blumenthal and British Airways" it comes up in the first 2-3 listngs. It is called "Heston Blumenthal's Mission Impossible". The available YouTube episode is Series 1, Ep 3. Well worth a viewing IMHO. Approx 50 mins.

.. and a definite agreement with you on Scotch ! 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

07 Mar 2018

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Any news on being able to pre-order VEGAN or other special meals?

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

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All due respect attimo69 how would there be any such information given all of the comments above?

VA are telling us NOTHING of any use except another suggested date of an announcement and there have been several over the last few months.

Wouldn't want to be hanging by the fingernails whilst waiting for it to actually happen!


09 May 2020

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It is mindboggling the fact there was even someone up the decision making chain at VA who thinks its OK to serve ordinary noodle in a cup (mind you the Taiwanese and Japanese offering may impress but not enough to justify a J class price tag); it is unclear if this got the approval of Bain as this occured before the formal Nov 2020 takeover; but presumably they were already holding the pursestring (as guarantor) prior to the signoff. 

Hi Guest, join in the discussion on Virgin ready to launch new business class meals