• Danny, I applied them to my account and my Lifetime total definitely changed by 15 status credits. So despite all the debate here..at least from what I see in my account..they DO count towards lifetime status.

  • I can't post a screenshot of my account (or I would) but its there in front of me...long may it last..if its a glitch in my favour I'll take it! haha

  • @coventrys I just applied the points yesterday and it seems it DOES count towards Lifetime status! My total now includes the 15 from yesterday and my remaining has gone down...so who knows whats going on :P

  • I didn't see any 'fine print' r.e the Status Credits not counting towards lifetime..DOH! Oh well..have enough points/vouchers so it was still going to be the Status Credits for me as inch SO slowly towards lifetime gold with zero flights on the horizon 

  • @Silverwings yet those flights ARE happening now...so perhaps it will be a 'new normal'..and a very basic one at that :(

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  • Originally Posted by Tracie Gone from QF silver to platinum in a pandemic here with no overseas travel. Normally at least 4 trips to the USA. How did you manage that???

  • I am in the exact same situation..albeit with a few more SC's needed but had booked two overseas trips that would've taken me over to Platinum before my anniversary end (end of May)..that won't be possible now. I really like @spooncrusades idea since I easily surpassed my Gold requirements awhile...

  • Well I did this once without any issues. Flew SQ Suites from SYD to SIN and my friend was travelling in business upstairs on the A380. He came down and had a few beers with me and then the staff asked if he'd like to join me for dinner. I was surprised but I certainly didn't ask. Perhaps it was a...

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