• This rendering makes the building look totally inappropriate for its setting height wise. It will dominate some of the iconic lower rise buildings around it such as 1 Bligh Street, 1 O'Connell Street, Chifley Tower, Aurora Place, the old QANTAS building and the Sofitel Wentworth. Hope this is jus...

  • I was thrilled when QF announced it was returning to Singapore for flights through to Europe but having just flown their A380 return to LAX, I wouldn't choose it for flights to Europe given the second leg to LHR is overnight - that sloping Skybed II seat is really subpar! Would much rather fly wi...

  • Oct 05, 2018, 08:36 PM

    Not ideal but so much better than the 737. The worst QANTAS flight of my life (due to a truly awful CSM) was on the 737 Denpasar to Sydney. The aircraft just added insult to injury.

  • Please expand the Heathrow Lounge it feels like sardines in there, even with people using the QATAR lounge!

  • Bland bland bland... looks like the local branch of my bank. A little street art is exactly what this lounge needs to life it out of the beige purgatory look!

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  • Zurich Hotels

    Jun 19, 2019, 07:58 PM

    I really like Best Western Zurcherhoff, recently renovated, in old town but on quiet street. 5-10 Minutes walk to main train station. http://www.zurcherhof.ch/seiten/index-en.html Welcome Inn at Kloten is great also as mentioned above.

  • This is disgraceful. As one of those rare people who actually pays for their business class seat, nothing irritates me more than an airline taking the p*ss like this. After an absolutely appalling experience flying business class to Denpasar on the QF's 737 in February, the airline has slid way d...

  • Qantas to Denpasar

    Feb 22, 2017, 09:35 PM

    I flew Sydney to Denpasar in late January returning early February and both flights were latest version of the 737 including the Mendoowoorrji Indigenous painted aircraft.I have to say that the flight home was one of the worst business class flights I have ever experienced - terrible and bel...

  • Has there been any further announcement from Malaysia Airlines about when their KL and London lounge renovations will kick off - does anyone in the industry have the goss?  

  • Whenever I order a meal through the QF Select on Q service I find it usually out first.Guess it makes is easier for flight crew to get those people settled with their meals and not having to wait for other people to dither over their choices as the trolley makes its wait down the aisle. 

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