• The staff have to do a training program to be able to manage the new safety risk. Also explains the delay to start.

  • Well I've read all comments and IMHO there are three solid suggestions made by ABT readers:1. Make checked luggage come out on the carousel much quicker - Additional equipment and labour costs2. Install bigger overhead lockers - Cost over a large fleet would be extreme3. Change limits to one 10kg...

  • Yeah? Tell that to the people who have been injured by bags falling out of lockers onto them, and cabin staff off work on compo because they injured their backs trying to move your heavy bag to fit another one in the locker quickly so you don't get delayed.

  • So whe the guy in the opposite aisle jumps up first after landing to open the locker, and your heavy small bag lands on a kid's head, it does less damage to the kid?

  • They did. They got #6 in the world 

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