• This is why I have stopped flying Qatar. IMO, the real benefit, and aspiring nature, of FF loyalty is getting perks such as lounge access, priority access etc. Qatar are determined to degrade FF benefits unless flying in a Prem cabin. 

  • Fully agree with the food comments. I myself don’t drink, apart from coffee, and the food choices are a joke. I give them a pass for breakfast, but lunch and dinner, seriously. And don’t think soup counts as one hot option. 

  • Food sounds great. Unfortunately QF seems to have banned protein across its lounges (ex first class). And while QF GC lounge is not managed by Accor, I can only guess that QF has told the lounge operator to trim the food budget. It’s a shame because it’s a nice little lounge and the s...

  • I find the QF domestic wifi so painful now. Spend the whole flight trying to connect and reconnect. 

  • Thanks for saying this. I couldn't agree more. I much preferred the old layout for both QC and the business lounge. So careful what you wish for David re Sydney. I would argue that Sydney is largely fine as it is

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