• They're gearing this offer to Gold and Platinums as access is presided you have lounge access. I think it's clever. Will lead to a small increase in costs due to more items getting used but not a huge investment from their end.

  • I'm pretty sure Seattle would have good transfers with AS being a partner. It is very close to LA and SF but to avoid LAX would be a dream.

  • Virgin to launch new business class

    Jul 06, 2017, 05:30 AM

    With the mining boom basically done, there probably isn't the demand for twin aisle services and frequency is more important. This makes more sense than empty seats draining cash

  • Bauhinia lounge with HK Airlines (also owned by Hainan Airlines)

  • AirNZ cool on A321neo business class

    Apr 05, 2017, 07:48 AM

    NZ had stated in the past the challenges of profitability on the Trans Tasman market, I'm sure they've workshopped and modelled business class on A321 services and found the market wasn't willing to stump up. They're reasonably savvy and profitable so I'm sure there is a reason why. 

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