• I nearly always travel with my husband and rather than have 2 carry on bags we share one between us which generally weighs around 10kg - because of the 7kg enforced limit we then had to take 2 carry on bags - how is this better than 1 10kg bag between us? Also we travel long distance - so it is n...

  • Is the 10% discount available on all fares or just for full priced fares? The companion sale at the moment is better than 10% off the full price.

  • My husband and I often travel together with one carry on between us that weighs around 10kg. I asked at check in if that was OK but was told no it could only be 7kg and we should take a bag each. Totally ridiculous so now we take up more room to comply.

  • I currently have Westpac linked Amex MasterCard but that will becoming to an end. As so few places do not accept Amex I am just wondering if I am better off just using the Qantas cash card - bonus points are not an issue - I can rarely use the amount of points already have for booking reward fli...

  • Use a voucher to buy an expensive ticket - there are no charges when paying even part of the fare this way.

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  • Is Qantas first class going downhill?

    Jun 05, 2017, 04:44 PM

    I have never had an issue travelling with Qantas in F and I am small and female too. The staff are always lovely and I find them to be very interested in where and what I am doing and I always feel welcomed and they also must take note of my preferences and mention previous conversations I have h...

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