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  • Usually I lie the clothes flat down, little folding as possible if the material creases easily and I roll up smaller items to fill in the gaps. If space is of importance I find rolling cuts down on space.

  • Excuse me while I go off on a tangent - I am not sure but my understanding is a database or any loyalty program is worth more than meets the eye. They have very specific demographic data and can track trends, spending habits etc. Plus they 'own' that data. This is why services like facebook are f...

  • I think it depends on your role and how much you need the internet while away, I think it is reasonable to get reimbursed but very often I am not and a lot of people I know have to pay for their own internet. Some companies will by you a prepaid USB that gets charged back to their phone accounts ...

  • How to find GOOD restaurants nearby?

    Nov 21, 2010, 02:14 PM

    I usually as the people at the hotel, esp. if they have worked there for a while they can recommend a place, local publications or street mags are a good source for listings and if possible check out locally written food blogs.

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