Got a Velocity status extension? Don’t forget about family pooling

If you don't need extra status credits right now, ‘family pooling’ will make sure those credits don't go to waste.

By Chris C., May 18 2021
Got a Velocity status extension? Don’t forget about family pooling

Virgin Australia ‘family pooling’ can be a great way to keep your Velocity Gold or Platinum status locked in – but it could be time to rethink that pool.

That’s because you may have no need for extra status credits right now, given Virgin Australia’s recent status extension offer delivered 18 months of guaranteed Velocity status, for eligible members who booked just one flight before March 28 2021.

Through the mechanics of the deal, any status credits earned towards retaining your Velocity tier before September 30 2021 will be wiped on that date, when the final 12 months of this 18-month offer begins.

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Rather than seeing those status credits wasted, they could be pooled instead – going to another member of your household, rather than appearing, and then promptly disappearing, from your status tally.

For example, pool your status credits to your partner, and it could help them reach the Silver, Gold or Platinum ranks in their own right.

Add to that, any status credits the recipient earns from their own travels – or on the ground, through partners such as Flybuys – and ascending the status ladder just got a little easier.

Come September 30 2021, when those with a status extension begin a new membership year, it’d be wise to once again review and tweak any family pooling arrangements: but for now, diverting your own status credits to a fellow household member could be just the ticket.

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Chris C.

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