Vodafone extends $5/day global roaming to business plans

By David Flynn, March 7 2014
Vodafone extends $5/day global roaming to business plans

Vodafone Australia’s globetrotter-friendly Red mobile phone plans are now available in business bundles on top of the current personal options.

The new plans also include a pool of call value and data which is available to all users with the option to purchase extra blocks of data ranging from 2GB to 100GB per month on a contract-free basis.

That’s an handy avenue if there’s a data-heavy month ahead such as a trade show, expo or a series of onsite client meetings.

As with the personal Red plans you can use the plan’s voice, text and data allowances for $5 a day across almost 46 countries worldwide including New Zealand, Asia, the US, UK and Europe, with up to 90 days of roaming per year.

Aimed at the smallest of companies to medium-sized businesses, the Red Business Shared Plans range from two users to 100 with shared data from a modest 3GB to a massive 150GB.

The monthly cost soars according from $135 for 2-3 users to $6,500 for up to 100 users.

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However, you can tailor any plan by adding an extra user for $45/month and pickup additional SIM cards for your tablet or laptop at $10 per SIM per month.

Those extra data blocks kick off at $20 for 2GB (equivalent to 1c/MB) and you can step your way up to $500 for 100GB (0.5c/MB)

Three tiers of the plans are available. The cheapest is the BYOD plan if you’re happy with the smartphone you already own, while the Shared Plus and Shared Pro schemes include a ‘tech fund’ which goes towards bundling in a smartphone from Vodafone’s range.

The plans also offer unlimited or in Vodafone parlance ‘infinite’ standard national calls including 1300 and 1800 numbers, plus local support through Vodafone’s Red customer care centre located in Hobart.

For full details head to www.vodafone.com.au/RedBusinessShared.

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29 Jan 2011

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What about the cost to receive calls??

You won't be charged to receive calls if you're in any of the 46 countries listed by Vodafone, and you're on a Vodafone Red plan i.e. paying the $5 per day on top of your regular plan.  It's an awesome deal! 


14 Jun 2013

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This is excellent, Vodafone keeps building out its $5/day roaming service around the world and now it's also up for business plans with shared data, and yet I am STILL waiting for Telstra to get its act together!

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