Watch every FIFA World Cup match live from the skies

By Chris C., June 12 2014
Watch every FIFA World Cup match live from the skies

IN BRIEF | Airline passengers can watch all 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup as live broadcasts for the first time in history.

Live sports channel Sport 24 will show all of the action from Brazil, beaming every kick to a total of nine airlines.

Among the list is Etihad, with live coverage available on every wide-bodied aircraft – including those to and from Australia.

Frequent flyer Bernard Ching tried out the new system last night onboard Etihad flight 461 from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi, en route to the World Cup in São Paulo, Brazil.

The view from 40,000 feet. Bernard Ching
The view from 40,000 feet
Bernard Ching

The picture quality is "not HD, but pretty good. Similar to when you watch a movie on a plane. Funny colors (appeared) every so often, but overall, I'm very impressed," he told Australian Business Traveller.

Emirates will also screen the games live on select Boeing 777s, although not on its flagship Airbus A380 fleet.

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I like it very much. 

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undertheradar Banned

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sorry.....but boooooo!  imagine the vocality involved in those watching these matches.. and being 'stuck' with that during a flight :-(

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