Trouble redeeming Qantas points for award seats

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P.S: There is no point complaining. You are better off spending the time finding a solution than giving them feedback. I don't honestly think they care. The magnitude of change required for the problem you've raised requires more input that what one customer service agent can do. It will end up in the "too difficult to deal with" bucket, to be looked at by some committee as part of some larger "enhancement" exercise.


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I find the least frustrating way to get award seats is to ring the FF service desk. It will cost you extra for the "assistance fee" but at least you you can get an idea of what seats are really available and you will save a heap of time over trying to use the web site.


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Much better calling - you don't get the ! mark, and you also get the chance to check alternate routings on CX, MH and JL that aren't available on the website.


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Agree with the calling, they are quite helpful and nice on the phone and you can book straight away - though it will cost you the fee and the on-hold time on the phone (if they are busy - unless you call in the dead of the night). But you get to keep your sanity.

In additon to ExpertFlyer, KVS, and AwardNexus are another paid subscription services you can use to search - which I utilise all the time to search for my customers.

It feels like they have designed the website to be deliberately hard to use, but I dont think they did that - as it would have involved deliberate focus groups and user behaviour tests to make that. I think it is just general poor design. The designers must not use the booking site, well probably no one in Qantas uses the site, as they have staff travel deals.

And I find the colours between First/Business/Prem Econ to be too similar and very hard to distinguish with my eyes (but I'm told that they represent the colours of each loyalty system).  ok - got that off my chest!!



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Muzz, if you believe that booking one ticket is frustrating enough exercise, then try to book 2 -for yourself and your dear (obviously you like seat together). You can use this system and you can do so for your benefits, but you have to book wayyyyyyyy in advance and you must be flexible. Curiously enough you can get your seats just few days before departure, but then you have to be megaflexible.

Good Luck

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